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  Chimney construction (beautification) project
  Anti-corrosion project of equipment steel frame
  High-attitude construction project
  High-altitude maintenance project
  High-altitude installation project
  High-altitude demolition project
  High cleaning engineering
  Plugging project
  Chimney desulfurization and anti-corrosion project
  Floor anti-corrosion project
  Buildings Rectification and Reinforcement Project
  Chemical anchor project
  High-altitude (Special-type) project quality hosting
  Fireproof and plugging project
  Dustproof cover of conveyor belts

Jiangsu Flydeer High-altitude Works Engineering Co., Ltd.
Headquarter Add.:35# Yanma Rd., Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China
Chairman:ping hai bo
phones: 0515-88366427              88351930

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  Chimney brush coloring beacon, anti-corrosion cooling tower, anti-corrosion steel structure, anti-corrosion boiler frame, anti-corrosion mesh frame……
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·Anhui Maanshan Power Plant II
·Shandong yellow power plant
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  New brick chimney (65m or less), new concrete chimney (240m or less), brick chimney removal and new construction and cleaning of water towers……
  Chimney decoration, chimney hooping and reinforcement, brick chimney demolition and heightening, chimney tilt correction, replacement of chimney……
  The chimney installs lightning rods and beacon lights, steel chimney installation, chimney newly installed ladder, security platform……
  Chimney (brick, concrete) demolition, water tower demolition, various iron stand demolition, high-altitude concrete frame demolition, steel chimney……
  Wall cleaning of hotels, buildings, grand hotels, office buildings……
  Seepage-proof, leakage-proof, leaking stoppage and roof waterproof of various underground air defense caves, cable ducts, pump houses, pools, dams……
  The belt conveyor chamber with enclosure performed requires to install dust remover and handrail. It reduces corrosion to……
  Jiangsu Flydeer High-altitude Works Engineering Co., Ltd. Headquarter Add.: 35# Yanma Rd., Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China
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